BecauseSUP is a small friendly UK company with a passion for paddle boarding. Our mission is to produce strong, high quality ISUPs at affordable prices.

BecauseSUP HQ is based on the South Coast, West Sussex UK. Please come along and test our great range of boards and accessories. Pick up the phone and give us a call or click the MESSAGE US icon at the bottom.

BecauseSUP has been working closely with one of the leading inflatable boat/watercraft manufactures in China to create our ISUPs . Our mission is to supply only top quality paddle boards at a similar price range to budget boards, BUT with the same quality and rigidity as the big name brands in the sport.  


We are currently the sole import/distributers for our own custom boards. Buying direct from us removes huge costs associated with retail property, supplier commissions, advertising budgets and all other aspects that you pay for with the big name brands. As a result we can send our products, direct to customers at the best possible prices.

WHY BecauseSUP ?

Choosing a new ISUP can be a difficult task as there is a vast array of different brands and price ranges to choose from. We strongly recommend staying away from the low cost ISUPs on the market as they are made with lower quality materials. These as a result are very bendy, hard to paddle and will give a very bad experience if you are new to paddle boarding . Many of the low cost ISUPs for sale today will not hold air pressure and usually deflate over time. We guarantee all our boards will not loose pressure and are fully airtight.

BecauseSUP feels there is no need for 'jazzy' patterns, crazy designs and all the other stuff that you see on paddle boards today. We keep design very simple and focus solely on the quality of our products. 

A selection of our boards come with the option of attaching a kayak seat. As experienced Kayakers we think this feature is a must have option with an All-round ISUP. The kayaking feature allows you to enjoy your ISUP in a whole different dimension, simply strap on the kayak seat and hit the surf as a kayak.