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BecauseSUP is a small UK company based on the south coast. Our business has been built from our love for all water sports especially stand up paddle boarding. We finally launched our website in 2018 after a lengthy product development process. As keen water sports enthusiasts we know the importance of having high quality equipment. The QUALITY and PERFORMANCE of all our products has been thoroughly researched and developed over the last five years.

Barney the the director of the company is a true waterman and has extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications in a huge variety of sports. Originally starting out with a National Diploma for sports instructors in 2002. His qualifications include Mountain biking instructor, kayaking instructor, climbing instructor, multiple RYA certificates for sailing , power boating and many more.

only the best will do

In 2017 we began a very lengthy task of obtaining multiple samples from all the main inflatable manufactures oversees in the specification we required. This was not only a very expensive and time consuming process but it really developed our knowledge for how inflatable paddle boards should and shouldn't be made. Since then we have developed very good relationships with our manufacturers and are working every year to improve the materials and performance of our ISUPs.

All our products have been either custom made to our specification or carefully sourced form multiple manufactures, this ensures all elements from boards to accessories are top of the range . We work with multiple instructors around the UK to aid us with product development and to help promote safety on the water.

no gimmicks

We don't feel the need to use gimmicks to sell our products and promote our brand, we like them to speak for themselves. There are far too many companies now that have very bold claims of being 'ECO' and 'CARBON NEGATIVE' . This practice is actually known a Greenwashing where companies use false claims to enhance their brand. Don't get us wrong we are not against preserving the environment at all, only the misleading claims. We strongly the support looking after our planet and we have many processes in place to make sure our company as green as possible. We feel all businesses should be doing their part for our planet, not using it as a tactic to boost sales.

not all the same

This last year or so, the SUP industry in the UK has seen a huge increase of sellers and small SUP brands popping up. This is a result of growing popularity for the sport and also the pandemic. Unfortunately many of these sellers are supplying mass produced, generic, low quality equipment and accessories, then advertising as a 'premium product'. This is causing mass confusion to customers looking at buying a board as there is vast amounts misleading information .

We have put together an article to help debunk all the confusion and to explain what you need to know about ISUPs . SEE PAGE LINK BELOW


Here at BecauseSUP everything is done in house from product design and development, all the way through to shipping products to customers. This DIRECT setup allows customers to deal with us directly without all the middle men. In addition this setup eliminates huge costs associated with retail premises and shops that are forced into putting large profit margins on their products. As a result our products are extremely competitively priced. The additional benefit to dealing with a brand directly is the excellent customer service we provide, any questions or queries are resolved strait away rather than if you needed to go through an agent.