Welcome to our commonly asked questions section. Here is a list of questions we get asked on a very frequent basis.

"What is Dropstitch?"

Dropstitch is the name of the material used to build an ISUP. Inside an ISUP there are thousands of high tensile threads connecting the deck and underside of the board. When an ISUP is inflated you can see lots of little dimples on the surface of the board where the Dropstitch threads are under tension .

"The gauge on my pump is not working , am I doing something wrong?"

This is one of the most common questions we get asked.

In actual fact the board has not got even 1 PSI of pressure in it yet. The board might look inflated and feel pretty solid but there is still a lot of pumping needed to achieve the correct PSI. If you are unsure or think there is an issue please give us a call.

"There is a lump on my board by the fin, is this a problem?"

This is another question we get asked very frequently.

This is completely normal do not worry, we understand initially it looks very concerning when you first see it. This lump is on every single Inflatable paddle board on the market and is always located directly under the inflation valve. This is a result of the valve installation process where some strands of Dropstitch needs to be removed.