Choosing a new board can be a very daunting task, especially now with the vast array of different brands, sizes, prices and conflicting information found online. 

Here at BecauseSUP we have kept things simple, to make choosing your new board as easy and as stress free as posable.


One of the main contributing factors to the stability of a paddle board is the width. Generally speaking the wider the board the more stable it is.

For a beginner we usually recommend a board between 32inch-34inch wide. A 30inch wide board is common with Intermediate riders, as it gives a nice balance between stability and speed.

Boards that are under 30inch wide are designed for intermediate to advanced riders really looking to take their paddling to the next level where performance and speed is required.


Choosing the correct length of a board really depends on what type of paddling you plan on doing.

ISUPs typically range from 8 to 14 feet in length with some exceptions. 

Boards under 10ft are designed for the surf with a more of a playful feel, or for smaller riders (ie children or very small adults). 

The most common sizes for general use are between 10'4 to 11ft are called ALL-ROUND boards (a rounded nose).

Boards over 11ft long are typically designed for touring and racing, these will be narrower than a shorter board. 

The longer and narrower the board is, the better it will track through the water and keep it going strait. A long narrow board has far less water resistance compared to a short wide design. 


Paddle boards come in many different shapes and size combinations to suit a variety of needs. 

These can be narrowed down to four key board styles,

Surf, All-Round ,Touring and Race are the four most common designs. 

White Water, Yoga, Tandem and Mega are some other shapes you might come across.